Price List
Grooming and Bathing
Basic Groom: $25
Basic Bathing: $25
Bathing with White Spot Treatments: $30
Deep Cleanse Tail Wash: $15
Sheath Cleaning: $25
Clipping and Manes
Mane Pulling: $25
Mane Razor: $15
Basic Clipping: $25 Muzzle, Ears, Jowl, Fetlocks, Bridlepath
Full Body Clipping
Pony: $100
Horse: $125 Extra $25 for every hour over 3
Special Body Clips: $75 Hunter, Trace, or Blanket
Strip Clip: $50
Packages Contact us to create a custom grooming schedule for you and your horse's needs; daily, weekly and monthly rates available
5x a week grooming: $100/week
3x a week grooming: $65/week
4x a month grooming: $80/month
Horse Show Prep Package $55 Includes Basic Clip Job, Bathing with white spot treatments, Deep Cleanse Tail Wash and Condition
Pasture Clean up $35 Once a week basic grooming and hoof conditioning. Horse checked over for small wounds and rubs.
Show grooming
Day rates $75/day Includes meeting at the farm to prep and load, all day care and unloading after show
Hunter Braids
Button Braids
Tack Cleaning and Conditioning
Saddle: $20
Bridle: $25
Boots: $15
Miscellaneous leather pieces: $15
Tack Repair Services Available